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the role of the designer in the new economy

Success in today’s post-industrial era, now known as the New Economy, will be defined through business leaders and policy makers investing in products and services that are human-centered and resilient. Resiliency and human-centered design are best achieved when we include communities horizontally as we create solutions for the future. Italian design academic and author Ezio Manzini offers an experienced yet concise perspective on what a united front of modern innovation can be — social innovation and sustainability.

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how to let feedback make you (not break you) 

often times when we think of feedback it is easy to slip into assuming the counselor or advisor role. but i assure you, once you switch from feedback giving behavior to feedback seeking behavior you should experience a whole world of difference in your interactions. when i engage in feedback seeking behavior, rather than blindly stating how i feel, i mindfully identify and appreciate the relationship systems and boundaries in the teams i work with while improving how i navigate triggers to curate better outcomes in creative and business discussion.

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